My hair care system :)

hi readers. :) I'm back! Got nothing to do so i decided to show to you my Hair Care System. :) Since i Do lots of things on my hair like coloring, perming and stuffs, i know it will be easily damaged. That's why I have specific products to help my hair grow healthy and stronger. Good thing, I won in a Promo from Sunsilk and got freebies. It's very timing because the freebies is the Sunsilk Damage Repair Kit which includes a shampoo and a conditioner. It was in February when I got this stuffs, then they sent me again another kit last 1st week of July., (happy ^^) I love this shampoo and the scent! compared with my shampoo and conditioner Citre Shine, this is way cheap and they are free! Thank you Sunsilk!!! :) And the Good thing here is that it was co-created by a specialist named Thomas Taw!
Next on my list is my Marie Fragrance Conditioner. My mom bought it from a direct selling agent from her work. it really does wonder on my hair. I know it's not right but I condition my hair twice a day.I apply the Sunsilk Conditioner in the morning and the Marie Fragrance Conditioner in the afternoon. :) but i shampoo my hair every other day. :p

Next is my Pantene Style Classic Gel in Maximum Hold. Actually this product is my grandma's but she left it here in the PI,she forgot to bring this but Im really inlove with this product. I apply it when my hair is still damp, then i style it the way i want. I use it especially when i curl my hair so that it will last. :)
And lastly my most expensive hair product. hehe.. My Citre Shine Anti- frizz serum. I use this almost everyday especially when I can't fix my hair. I just apply it on my hair and i'm all set. And it's the reason why my hair color is vibrant and shiny. :)

~ Note: it's also advisable to trim your hair every three months to avoid split ends and give your hair TLC. :) well on my case, I only trim my bangs. :) buhbye!!

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