so yes! im blogging again.

after so many blogs since 2005., here i am again with new blog. :P yay for me :)
well the reason/reasons why all my blogs are gone is because:
a. was hacked
b. forgot the password.
c. my creative juices are not flowing anymore. :)

but, now since i have so many thoughts, ideas and stuffs, i want to
recreate a new relationship with a new blog.
mostly my post will consist of fashion, cosmetics/make up tutorials,
reviews, recipes and travel. im excited to start now. :) hope you'll support my new blog.
im marrien and im back! woohoo! :P

just a brief description of me.. im maen, en, entot or ien :)
nowadays, i love cooking, everything about fashion, cosmetics, hello kitty, photography and ofcourse reading.
i love music. i love listening to alicia keys, boys like girls, the veronicas, taylor swift, mymp and nina.
i love everything kawaii! ^^ pink and girly.
i love kids. im a kid at heart too. char~ .
i love kpop and jpop. i was influenced by my cousin ghel. ( special mention. chos! )

so pls follow my blog. since i don't have enough moolahs to sustain my hobbies and loveys. i will introduce to you the glory of cheap thrills! i will post some cheapos cosmetics that i really love. you can see that my face wasn't damaged with this cosmetics. and ofcourse my love with ukay-ukay! :)

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