58th month

happy 58th month to us my everdearest boyfriend, bestfriend, partner in crime, angel, Giovlab!. :)

celebrated it with our best-couple friends Noemi and Joel.
ate at Ikabud Marquee Mall.
i feel so special everytime im with him. i'm so cheesy,, haha,, so yeah! thanks for always being there for me. NO pics,.! gaah! forgot my digicam. but i have this picture, eventhough i'm so ugly.. i will still post it for the benefit of saving the memory. haha..

so 2 more months to go honey and we're off to our 5th year! we can do it! aja!


Jennifer :) ~ said...

wow 58th month! congrats you two :]

ehntot said...

yay! thank's jennifer.. yup.. 2 months to go before our 5th year. :)

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