Day 1. A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

this is me. hehe. :)

and 15 interesting facts about me. :)

1. i have very poor eyesight. 350/375. how's that? with matching astigmatism. hehe. i wear this black/red specs with thick lens. im about to get my toric lenses. :)

2. it's my second time to have braces. XD first is when im in 3rd year highschool but my gums became sensitive so i have to remove them ALL BY MYSELF! hehe. :)

3. I joined little miss Philippines ( Eat Bulaga ) when i was 6 years old and that was way back 1994.

4. I keep each and every receipt me and my boyf had including, restos, movies, clothes, malls etc. and all petals of roses he gave me. cheesy.

5. i love quotes! i really really love them that I save them in notepad and transfer them to my phone as ebooks and i read them every night. ;)

6. Im o.c with doors. Even if i'm like leaving our house i have to go back and double check the doors if they are locked.

7. Im a bookworm . Or I may say a booksnake.! because i really love reading. :)

8. I can't sleep without music. I make it a point that my phone is fully charged and my earphones are ready.

9. Being a flight attendant is my childhood dream up until now and i still regret that I did not take Tourism Management in college.

10. Im a C.A.T ( Citizen Army Training ) Officer back in Highschool and R.O.T. C ( Reserve Officers' Training Corp. ) back in College. One tough chick ha! and even dreamed of entering military. believe it or not.

11. I love experimenting. with food, beauty products and all.

12. I don't drink on nightouts and gimmicks with friends. I drink occasionally but not in every occasion. Got it?

13. I always promise myself to go on a diet. But when I lose some excess baggage, i begin to eat more again . XD i hate my self from being inconsistent.

14. I dreamed of being an artist when i was a kid. my mom let me join every contest in town and even won 1st Runner Up on Jolibee's JolliBulilit Contest in 1991. XD

15. The reason why Im not yet getting married is because i want to go Abroad. :) so to those people that keep on asking why im not yet married, that's the answer,. and hello???? earth to you guys, Im only 22. haha..

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