Nose - day!

Laughtrip for the title. :) harhar. It's my day with my nose. :) it's my biggest asset. . people say they love my nose. how's that huh? but it's my most problematic area. i always have blackheads and whiteheads and i really hate it.! but for today, I dedicate this post for my ever dearest nose

what i used:

so first, i cleansed my face using the new Pond's pure white with activated carbon. i first had this product when i purchased Cosmopolitan Magazine's August Edition ( w/ Maricar on the cover ) I was so curious with the product because instead of white, it's black. chick and sophisticated looking.! :) And for those who wants to try the product first, you can buy 1 sachet for 5pesos. isn't it cheap? So i decided to use this one for my nose - day because it helps you clean your face deep within your pores and it targets those deep seated dirt and oil. :) FYI : the activated carbon is easily absorbed by the face and it lifts away removing dirts and impurities within your pores, leaving you with natural white looking face . :)

Next is I - white Nose pack. It cost 18pesos. It's a cream type pack and it's very effective in removing deep - seated dirt and sebum and other impurities in the nose. it also help you minimize the appearance of pores. :) you just have to apply right amount on a clean nose and just spread it evenly. let it dry for 15 - 20 minutes, peel it off and rinse. you will definitely see the dirt on the film. yucky.. harhar.

So there you go. do this 2 - 3 times a week for best results. buhbye!!!

p.s : pictures from my phone. :) sorry for the chipped nails. harhar.. :)

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