tuesday love. :)

i really miss going out with my boyf,just the two of us. we usually go out with our friends. so this time we really enjoyed each others company, just talking, catching up and joking,. it's really raining hard and the whole Angeles City is blackout. we met up at Carmelite Monastery then ate Shawarma at Shawabongga Nepo Mart. we decided to go to SM Clark after.. after buying some stuffs,we decided to have a nice dinner at Bruno and Diego. there's no electricity but there's candles all over the place. the ambiance is nice and romantic. :) didn't bring my digicam coz i ran out of battery, but took some pics with my fone.

he wrote on my palm.XD

done eating.yummy!

i wrote on his palm as well.XD

F n H.:)
while waiting for his sandals. :)

i hope we can do this hun once a week. ;) umwuahhhh!


Kim Hye Rin ♥ ๊น€ํ˜œ๋ฆฐ said...

nyaha..your palm being written all over =D
(*^ ・^)ใƒŽ⌒☆ so romantic~~

ehntot said...

yay! thanks Kim.. yup! we're soooo cheesy.. haha. :_)

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