FINALLY! It's Official :)

Can I shout? Waahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! XD 

Finally, after being together for 7 years, he popped the question with a ring. :)

Now I get it. Yesterday we went to church at 9:30am then after Mass, we went to a salon because his hair was already long. And then he told me to have my hair cut too and be treated as well. So yes, a quick pamper care of Fiance. (Now I'm loving the word: Fiance) Then had a lunch at home. Then later in the afternoon, we went to Marquee Mall to just look around and search for wedding rings. And I was wondering why he won't let me near the Engagement ring section. Then ok. I didn't think of whatsoever. That evening, we're supposed to have a dinner at his bestfriend's home with the rest of the Barkada. Unfortunately the rest couldn't make it but still we continued with the original plan. First we went to Nepo Quad to eat shawarma and kwek-kwek. Then had a simple dinner with his bestfriend and his wife at their house. Then while watching pictures in the IPad we saw a series of engagement rings. And we're gushing about them because they are very beautiful and expensive. Then I was still wearing our silver commitment ring. Then he told me to remove it. And his joking that he is putting a fake ring on my finger, so we joked around with him.Then Mareng Jessica and I continued to watch the pictures then the boys were drinking, then fiance held my hand and I felt something. Then I was astonished. I was speechless. Nasabi ko nalang "Ano to?"  Then I cried. Haha.

I was not able to experience those expensive and very cheesy proposal that I always watch on the internet. But this is greater than all of those. Thank you baby. <3

 P.S The coral stone was from Subic last week, he told me " Magpropose na ako hon, kaso ito muna, wala pa pambili ng engagement ring" haha.. my baby is truly cheesy :)


Gellie Abogado said...

Waah! So kilig! Congrats on being engaged! :)


Marrien said...

@gelleesh ..

Thank you so much! I'm still in Cloud 9 :)

Shayne ♥ said...

awww congrats marrien :)

Marrien said...

hi shayne :)

Thank you soo muchie :)

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