I'll Miss Home..

Disclaimer: This post is sentimental. Ready your handkerchief and tissue. This post may include tagalog words. Please bear with the writer because she can wants to express herself more. So here it goes.
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I feel giddy with the fact that I am getting M-A-R-R-I-E-D. I am excited of course and a bit nervous. Mixed emotions is it. Sooner I will change my last name. Pwede wag muna? It feels like I'm not yet ready. I'm not yet ready to leave home. I'm not yet ready to leave my father. If you don't know yet, my mother and father are separated. And as of now I am living with my father and my two brothers with my auntie and her family. And sometimes, I stay at my mom's house. I admit I am a princess. I barely work at home. I can sleep anytime I want. I can stay out late as long as I like. I have my own room. I am independent. I decide for myself and I spend my money for myself and give a little to my mom and father. In short, my life is fun. But incomplete. Parang hindi sapat. Parang may kulang. And I don't know what.

The idea of getting married give me chills all over. I'm not sure if I'll be a good wife to my husband. But I know I may not be a perfect wife, but I will be the kind of wife my husband will be proud of.
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Back in college, when my father is still in abroad, I live with my mom. Through thick and thin,we are together. I learned how to cook good and delicious meals, I learned how to clean the house and I took care all my sibling since they are baby. I even know how to change diapers and put babies to sleep. My mom trained me to become a good housewife in the future. (Yes hon, you owe it to mama :) )

I'll miss home when I get married. I'll miss my father and brothers especially when they connive in teasing me. They are the best in pang-aalaska. I'll miss my brother JM's panglalambing and I'll miss hugging him. I will miss his crying when my brother Choi teases him. I will miss my brother Choi's ugly face (joke), I will miss whenever he asks me if he looks good with his clothes. I will miss him whenever he shares on how his day went by. I will miss my father's Chicken Curry. I will miss my room. I will miss staying up late just surfing the net, because for sure Husband to be won't allow me to stay up late. I will miss my cousins. Then I will miss my younger siblings from my mother's side. I will miss my mom's delicious cooking. I will miss our chikahan. I will miss when she make lambing to me so that I'll buy her lipstick.Waaahhh... :( :( :(

I know I need to move forward to a new chapter in my life.I am still my father's little princess and my mom's bumble bee (bumble bee is my mom's term of endearment to me ever since I was a child)  I can still visit my father. I can still call my brothers and they can still tell me their problems. I can still go shopping with Mom and little sister. I can still sleep in my room because I told Husband to be that every Saturday, we'll stay at my father's place then go home the next day.

Surely I will miss my old life but this is what I want. I want to spend my ever after with Giov.

Thank you for reading this post. Drama Queen ever! :)

P.S I would like to know your reactions :) I would love to see your comments. Thank you :)

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