Wedding Preps: The Power of Friendship

Hi there! How's your day beautiful and handsome readers? 2 days have passed and I'm still on Cloud 9. I tend to look at my ring every now and then as if I'm just dreaming. :) If you are my close friend, I bet you know how excited I am to receive an engagement ring. Well I didn't oblige my h2b to give me an engagement ring, but yeah! I was surprised.

The power of friendship, yes that's the title of this post. As you all know, we are on a very tight budget and we can't afford a bongacious or a grand wedding. We are planning to have a very intimate and at the same time, fun wedding. I am so blessed that we have friends to help us during this time of our life. And I am greatly honored, that they are keeping their promises.


I call it a freenup because, yes it for free! Our prenup or e-shoot will be free care of our good friends : the Lovebirds. Our barkada. Last year, one pair in our barkada, Raquel and Jon got married, and we were privileged to witness it and to help them with their prenup / e-shoot. Since then, Jon and Raquel promised to us that they will help us with our prenup shoot. Jon and our other barkada Joel who is also engaged with my dearest kumare Noemi will get married early next year, are cousins and both photo enthusiasts. So yes, we did their prenup and prolly next month we will have ours. Oh by the way here are my sample photos, that I took during their prenup. I know right! I'm good at it! chos!

Photos taken with my GE X500 @ Parade Grounds Clarkfield Pampanga

There you go. See. my friend is sooo pretty. She looks like Isabelle Daza. Here makeup was done by my Noemi. And yeah with a little help from me. So yes. My friends are the best!
During the epic stag party and bridal shower of Jong and sis Raquel ;)
12.12.12 wedding of Sis Raquel and Jon @ Hilltop Mimosa Clarkfield Pampanga
12.12.12 wedding of Sis Raquel and Jon @ Hilltop Mimosa Clarkfield Pampanga

Invites and Souvenirs

Last December, H2b had their Grand Highschool reunion. Then after the event, we went to V8 with his highschool friends. And one of them is our good friend Irene. She was teasing us to get married na daw. Then she said, when we get married, she will sponsor our invites and souvenirs because her family runs a business for all your printing and souvenir needs. Then last monday, I posted in Instagram my engagement ring, and she commented on it saying "Congratulations! Can you still remember my promise? Ako bahala sa invites and souvenirs niyo" So yes! She didn't forget her promise. That's why H2b loves her to death!

DIY Projects and moral support

I am not that artistic, but I was blessed with a beautiful and supportive bestfriend. Tracy has been my bestfriend since grade 1 and my business partner now. I know. More than a decade of friendship. She promised me that she will help me with all my DIY projects. I know we can do this together :)

So yes! There you go. I know along this journey, marami pang madadagdagan dito. We were so blessed with true friends and I'm very proud of that! I love you all. :*

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