Wedding Preps: Pamamanhikan

Hello there lovely readers. Sorry for being on a hiatus for 1 week. I've been very busy. Lots of things to do. I also have pending reviews to make. I'm really sorry for not keeping up my promise to always blog.

Anyway for our Wedding Preps today, it is all about "Pamamanhikan". So what is "pamamanhikan"?
Basically, pamamanhikan is meeting of two families. It is a Filipino tradition that is still relevant nowadays. Well, personally, it is a nerve-wracking experience. Hehe. I can't even sleep the night before.

So August 25, the day of pamamanhikan. I am so sad because my Mom was not able to make it. I know most of you know that my mom and dad are separated. Just to not complicate the things and to avoid the awkward moments, my mom did not attend the pamamanhikan. Anyhoo, I woke up at 8am not my usual time of waking up, me and Giov are supposed to meet at 11am to meet our friend Irene who is the one responsible of the invites. But Giov did not make it because they were busy preparing for the dinner. So I just met up with Irene at Coffee Academy Annex Balibago City at 1:30PM then she helped me to buy a cake at Toll House Angeles City and dropped me near our house.

So at 7pm my nervousness is acting up and at 8pm, Giov arrived with his Mother, Father and Ate with his two nieces and his cousin. So yeah, I felt a little bit comfortable afterwards.

I'll just let the photos do the talking, but I apologize for the quality of the photos because we just took them using our camphones.

Why so serious?? :D
Our cousins made those cutie patootie drawings :) soo sweet.. :)

Toll House's Best Seller: Black Forest Cake So delish~!
Giov and his family brought Chicken in Lemon Grass, Grilled Liempo and Toll House's Baked Macaroni

Please forgive our Haggard Face. :)

Yay! The pamamanhikan is such a huge success!! We are blessed to have our families. And even though my mom is not there to witness the pamamanhikan, I am still thankful for her support! Hooray for OCTOBER 8,2013 ~ our wedding date. :)

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Jo-an Victorio said...

I think your nervousness already passed by :D
Congrats, baked macaroni looks soo yummy

Loving it!♥

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