Blogging Again!!!

Hi dearies.. I know.. It's been months since I blogged. I even forgot to blog about the wedding.
Yes! I married my bestfriend, my boyfriend for 8 years last October 8,2013. We also celebrated our 8th year as boyfriend/girlfriend on the day of our wedding. It came out the way I imagine my wedding to be, except for the fact that it rained that's why we transfer the ceremony from the garden to the pavilion. Anyhow, after the wedding, October 15 to 18, we traveled to Boracay for our Honeymoon. haha, Honeymoon.!

I will not go into details, because I have separate post for these..

Currently, I'm working as a home-based freelancer. My husband bought me a new laptop, that's why I'm into blogging again.

I have many stories to tell you as we go on throwbacking those days I didn't blog. haha..

So for the mean time, welcome again lovely readers. I hope you'll still support me, the way you supported me before. I also changed my blog header and blog title. :D I'm currently working on my Blog Banner so please bear with me. Thank you lovelies for taking time reading my blog.!


Gen-zel said...

Hi Marrien! congrats to the both of you! :) Welcome back to the blogosphere :)

babbledoll said...

Thank you! Thank you :) It's nice to be back!

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