Abe's Farm: A Perfect Escape (Part 1)

I've been eyeing for this beautiful place since last year because I'm searching for a place to celebrate our wedding anniversary but
unfortunately, we were unable to go because something came up.

Fast forward, July 30 2016, I am very blessed and was able to join my co-bloggers; Pampanga Bloggers' Society for our annual Pampanga Restaurant Tour. Our first restaurant stop is Abe's Farm in Ayala, Magalang Pampanga.

Abe's Farm is a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and corporate life. A perfect place, to unwind and disconnect yourself from all the stress..

We arrived in Abe's Farm at around 1PM and welcomed with a tall glass of cold buko juice.
 Aaahhhh.. the view is so refreshing that I can't help but admire God's work...

 Every corner of the house reminds me of my great grandmother's house in the baryo...

And for the main event.. hehehe Definitely everyone's favorite.. The Food :)

We were served several specialties. Composed of different Filipino foods that are truly mouthwatering. With the ambiance of the place, the music playing in the background, dining in Abe's Farm is very relaxing. Now it's time to feast your eyes with the food Abe's Farm served us..


Pako Fern and Tomato Salad

Binukadkad na Pla-pla with Balo-balo and Mustasa Leaves

 Lola Ising's Adobo


 Bamboo Rice

And my favorite...
Sikreto ni Maria.. and it's for you to find out the secret of this delectable dessert..

Every food is tasty and really authentic. No doubt Pampanga is the culinary capital of the Philippines because of the restaurants like Abe's Farm.

Not only that, Abe's Farm is also a great place to stay in for a night or two. And that my friends, I will share to you on my next post.

Abe's Farm is located at:

98 Livestock Village, Barangay Ayala in Magalang, Pampanga

They are open daily from 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

And for inquiries, you can contact them at 0917-808-5187.

For more photos and feedback by my co-bloggers at Pampanga Bloggers' Society, you can follow the hashtags #PampangaBloggersSociety and #PRT2016 on Instagram and Facebook.


Janni said...

Did anyone tell you how enticing your food photos are? :) I have yet to visit this place. I can tell by how you wrote this, how much you enjoyed the getaway :D

Marrien said...

Hi Janni, thanks for dropping by. The food was great and the place is so relaxing. Pls add it on your must try when you visit Pampanga :)

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