Eat Your Heart out at TOLLHOUSE, Angeles City Pampanga

I can still remember back in college when I would ask my then boyfriend/now husband to bring me Toll House's special baked macaroni. From then on, it became a staple pasalubong whenever he visits me at home.

Fast forward, when we have special occasions, Toll House's cakes are always present. Every month days of my nephews even on the night of our family meet-up/pamamanhikan (check it here:Wedding Preps: Pamamanhikan ) before we got married, Toll House specials were present.

Toll House main branch was the second restaurant that we visited during the Pampanga Restaurant Tour 2016 - 1st day. We were welcomed by one of the owners, Ms. Josephine Concepcion- Mendoza.

She is one of the Concepcion sisters, the other three are Remedios Concepcion-Romero, Rachela Concepcion and Rose Concepcion from Angeles City, who established this home grown restaurant in 1988, my birth year. Maybe that is one of the many reasons why I love Toll House because we have the same birth year *wink*. Since then, Toll House never stopped serving good food.

I can't contain my happiness when I saw this table full of sweets. Toll House's cakes are home made and are remembrance of the Concepcion Sisters' love for their family, which makes your dining experience in Toll House more home-y.

They let us taste their other specialties like their Seafood Supreme, Lechon Kawali, Mixed Barbeque, Lasagna and one of my favorites, their tropical chicken.

Bagoong Rice
Clubhouse Sandwich

Kani Salad
  Tropical Chicken

The ever famous: Baked Macaroni

Toll House offers delicious home made sweets for every occassion or whenever you feel your sweet tooth is ranging :) Personally I uber love their Blueberry Cheesecake. It is really to die for. What I love about their cakes, is that they taste just right. Not too sweet, not too bland. Just the right taste. 

Nothing beats an old favorite. If you want to experience a hearty meal, you can also visit them in their second branch in Marquee Mall, just be ready because it is jampacked specially on weekends :) But don't worry, they will open their new branch in Newpoint Mall, Nepo Center Angeles City this year!

You can check their instagram at or like their Facebook Page: TollHouse to stay updated :)

And if you want to eat your heart out at TollHouse, you can visit their main branch at 1030 Sto. Rosario street, Angeles City, Pampanga. It's very near Holy Angel University.  I am still crossing my fingers that they will open a branch in the City of San Fernando so I can visit anytime whenever I have cravings, hehe.

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