Food Coma Alert: B.A.G.A Manila

It was one of those nights that I am excited to meet my Pampanga Bloggers' Society family. This time it is at B.A.G.A (Barbecue and Grillers Association) Manila in Vista Mall in San Fernando City, Pampanga. After work, I went straight to the venue and was surprise to see 26 stalls with different specialties. My mind screamed Food Coma!!! again :)

It's Thursday night and I am ecstatic because it is a great night to chill and chat with the girls of Pampanga Bloggers' Society.

From my favorite Shawarma, Fries to your usual streetfoods, isaw, betamax you name it? They have it! They even have Crabs, Bulalo and Steaks. 
The concessionaires were kind enough to let us taste their foods. We were overwhelmed with the foods that B.A.G.A Manila served us, yung sunud-sunod nilang inilabas yung mga pagkain nila, hindi ko na alam kung ano uunahin kong picturan at tikman. hehe.

Since, it's a food event again, of course I took photos for you to drool on. Lelz 

Disclaimer: Patawarin if may mali sa mga nilagay ko na name or dun po sa mga walang name, pero promise po, masarap lahat ang foods kaya medj nalito ako. Please message me at my Facebook Page: Mayartidotcom for corrections, thank you :)

Mumay's Yummy BBQ

Crispy Balls
Densyo's BBQ & Co.

Boiling Spicy Crab

Mr. Ribs/ Steak with Me by Chef Chris (sorry please correct me if I'm wrong)

Boiling Spicy Crab

Boiling Spicy Crab

John Lemon PH

Pasta Linguine de Ambroisal
John Lemon PH and Potato Walker

Koi-San Izakaya Japanese Food

* Patio's Bulaluhan
* Juice Me and You

Esting's Bellychon

Viet Kitchen and Asian Fusion

Ole! Taqueria Mexicana

Queen's Shawarma

B.A.G.A Manila in Vista Mall, is a perfect venue to hang out with your Friends and Loved Ones. And yes it is a great place to chill out and eat after a stressful day in the office. Sobrang nakaka-relax yung tamang food trip with office mates, pagkatapos ng napaka-toxic na araw sa office. hehe.

And since kami lang na mga Girls ang pumunta that time, I called my hubby for reinforcement so brought our friend Jayson (in stripes) and my brother in law Carlo (in black) with him. hehe. Sobrang busog din daw nila. I usually bring my Husband pag may Food event kami, so sobrang sanay na nya sa mga kainang ganyan. 

(wow ha, I love writing in Filipino, I can definitely express my self more. Maybe I can write taglish nalang palagi, atleast di masyadong prone to grammatical error. hehe)

B.A.G.A Manila is located at Vista Mall, City of San Fernando. And they are open, Thursday to Sunday from 5:00PM to 11:00PM

Here's a List of the Food Concessionaires, please let me know if I missed some :)

* Steak with Me by Chef Chris
* Mr. Ribs
* Ole! Taqueria Mexicana
* Korean Cuisine
* Dominique's Kitchen
* Patio's Bulaluhan
* Juice Me and You
* Boiling Spicy Crab
* Mumay's Yummy BBQ
* Densyo's BBQ
* Crispy Balls
* All in Sisig
* Beef-Beef
* Affinitea
* Pasta Linguine de Ambroisal
* Esting's Bellychon
* Viet Kitchen and Asian Fusion
* Koi-San Izakaya Japanese Food

You can also hit like on their Facebook for updates ๐Ÿ˜‹ ๐Ÿฒ

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