2017, I am Ready!

So how's my 2016? 2016 is definitely one for the books! Landed on a new job, more blogging opportunities, met some new friends, let go of toxic people, and the ultimate happening: we moved into our own home.

We are so blessed to have received countless blessings from God. The feeling is so overwhelming.

Now that we are starting the journey of 2017, I declare overflowing blessings from God! I declare that God will finally give us our ultimate wish! I declare that through God, everything is possible!

2017, I am Ready! I am ready for whatever life will throw at me. I am ready to let go and let GOD.

And to you my dear readers, thank you.  Thank you for joining me on this journey. I promise you guys, I will post more often. Hehe kidding aside, you can finally expect a bigger, brighter and better, Mayartidotcom!

God bless us all and Happy New Year <3

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