5 Most Dangerous Cities in California

When most people think about the beautiful state of California, they envision picturesque
beaches, mountains, parks and mesmerizing blue sunny skies but not theft or violence.
If you are planning on living in any ones of these cities, you will be in need of a
hidden spy cam as a safety measure. Here are the 5 most dangerous cities in California.


Home of the renowned Pixar Animated Studios, this city is famous for its luxurious
condominiums as well as upscale shopping. With a population of a little over 10,000
Emeryville has disappointingly, the highest crime rate per person in the state of California.
Chances that a resident in Emeryville will be a victim of a violent crime is a surprising 1 in
every 5 people. This definitely calls for innocent residents in the area to have
legal self-defense weapons. Property crime is also rampant in Emeryville.
Red Bluff
This city’s motto, “A great place to live” does not resonate with the disturbing crime rate
of Red Bluff. Violent crimes have shot up. Chances of residents being property crime victims
are1 in about 13 people. Not feeling secure in Red Bluff? Then protect yourself with a
baton nightstick.
This model city, as it calls itself, does not live up to its name. Although the city has
recorded declining rates of murders, it has an abnormally high rate of property crimes.
Commerce is also notorious for violent crimes.
The 8th largest city in the state of California, Oakland is the most violent city in the state.
It is also infamous for murders and property crimes. FBI reports that chances of residents
being victims of violent crimes are around 15 in 1,000 people.
This city ranks 2nd for violent crime. Property crime is also relatively high.

It is important that you keep aware of these rankings if you’re in the city already or
considering a move there.

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