Where to Eat in Baliuag Bulacan?

After introducing you to my Top Instagrammable Spots in Baliuag, Bulacan, here's the second installment of my Baliuag Adventures Series. What's a great escapade without food trip right? So here's my list of Where to Eat in Baliuag, Bulacan.


For Breakfast, head to the famous heritage restaurant in Baliuag, Gloria Romero's. Don't be confused by the name, kapangalan lang sya ng famous Actress, but Tita Glo, is best known for her
"Killer Okoy". Made with strips of Squash with my favorite Shrimp, pressed into a patty, and deep fried in hot cooking oil. Best with vinegar. Of course, it's breakfast, so they prepared the very Pinoy breakfast, Longganissa with two variants: Hamonado and Garlic, and my choice is the Hamonado, scrambled eggs, atsara, and Fried Rice (which I didn't eat because I am on a no rice diet. haha) But all in all, it was a great breakfast especially because of the Killer Okoy which is a bomb for me!


La Familia Sizzlers and Restaurant started as a nondescript roadside store at the boundary of Baliuag and Bustos, Bulacan in 1985. Romeo and Normita Alejo would serve merienda items, and, later on, meals.
In 1990, they decided to formalize the business and call it "La Familia" since the entire family was involved in the business. Then in 1998, a huge space was offered to them for lease along Dona. Remedios Trinidad Highway.
We were so full of the delectable meal that they served us including my ultimate favorite Kare-kare. They served us Filipino favorites like Dinuguan and Fried Hito. We ate around Sunday Lunch that's why families gathered for Lunch that's why it was fully packed that day. La Familia can accommodate more than 100 guests and operates from 9am to 9pm.


Not only that, La Familia also houses two air-conditioned function rooms for 80 and 150 persons and 2 Al Fresco dining rooms that can seat 200 and 800 guests. And it's really ideal for big events because of its huge parking area.



Surprise surprise! For Merienda you might want to try eating Rabbit. Yes, Rabbit :) But hey, it's a well-known meat and is very much acceptable. I am already aware that people can eat rabbit meat because my Auntie who lived in Riyadh Saudi told me before that it is regularly sold there.
And for Aven Nature's Farm and Rabbitry, they breed rabbits and they also raise awareness that Rabbit is a healthy meat alternative. You can try their famous Rabbit spread paired with Hot Pandesal or Rabbit Congee and their yummy Rabbit Caldereta. But sorry, no I didn't try the foods because I just can't maybe soon? let's see. :) Aside from rabbits, Aven Nature's Farm and Rabbitry also has fruit-bearing trees

Aven Nature's Farm and Rabbitry is located No. 68 J.P Rizal St. Sta Barbara Baliuag Bulacan.

Many thanks to the people of the Municipality of Baliuag for this one-of-a-kind experience. 


G Abogado said...

I've always wanted to try rabbit! Will definitely check them out when I have the time. Grabe no, Baliuag has so much to offer pala. And I'd also want to try Tita Glo's killer okoy! <3


Marrien said...

I dare you to try it :)

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