What I Learned in our 5 Years of Marriage.


When I post in my Facebook or tell stories about our marriage, I always say that "Our Marriage is Not Beautiful, but it's Worth it".

Back when I was 12 years old, I experience the biggest heartbreak of my life, that is when my parents were separated and from that day on, I wished for a happily ever after kind of marriage.

And now that I am married, the first thing that I learned is "Marriage will never be Picture Perfect." God created us in his own image and likeness but we will never be perfect like him, but he sure did write our love story.

I learned that "Marriage is an everyday commitment." You are committed to loving your spouse unconditionally. As I mentioned a while ago, your spouse is not perfect so are you. I admit it,
Mr. T sometimes tends to be unloveable. He sometimes gets on my nerves and one time I wondered if he really deserved my love. But I am committed, we are committed to loving our spouses even in their worse state. And when my husband is unloveable, I always remind myself of
1 Corinthians 13:4 - "Love is Patient, Love is Kind. I am Patient, I am Kind."

"Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud."
1 Corinthians 13:4 

I also learned that "Communication is the Secret to a Happy Marriage. "When the marriage is already past the honeymoon stage, couples tend to forget simple "How's your day" conversations. This is also one of the struggles that we are facing right now, I always remind my husband to speak openly on good and bad topics and not be afraid to ask me if there's something that is bothering him.

I learned "How to Forgive Without my Spouse Asking for Forgiveness." Mr. T is a man of few words. He is still, I think adjusting, haha. I always tell him to learn how to say sorry, I guess it's just that he's someone who is more of showing how he is sorry, rather than saying it.  There's this quote and it is indeed one of my favorites: "A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers." Be reminded that you're on the same team. Don't let pride tear you down.

I learned that a "Marriage that is Bonded with Friendship is a Strong Marriage." This came easy for me and Mr. T. Before we got married, we were already best friends. I tend to be vulnerable when I am with him. He saw my best and he's with me through my worse state. Likewise, I am always beside him when he needs support and I always got his back when everything is falling apart. He is my backbone, my shelter, my true north.

And lastly, the ultimate secret to a Happy Marriage: Is "Having God Being the Center of our Marriage." We've been through a lot, and yes still struggling but hey! We're still here, together because of God. No explanation is needed.

"So they are no longer two, but one flesh. 
Therefore what God has joined together,
 let no one separate.”
Matthew 19:6

My takeaway from this post is Please don't forget to Pray for your spouse and for your Marriage. That Guy up there surely listens :)

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