Secret 1. How i keep my hair soft and shiny?

i do this atleast once a week. you can buy the grated coconut meat from the supermarket.
then all you have to do is 1st is to extract the coconut milk.
1. boil 4 cups of water.,
2. get a strainer, place a wide container beneath the strainer,
3. then put the coconut meat, and water. just squeeze the coconut milk until it the liquid becomes white.

then you just have to apply the coconut milk on your hair. after that wrap your hair with hot towel and plastic cap. wait for 30mins. rinse your hair. shampoo and conditioner. always remember, shampoo only your scalp and condition your hair avoiding the scalp and to the roots. :)so voila! my hair is shinier and smoother.. :) thanks

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Faye said...

routine ko din to before :) very effective :)

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