what Im looking forward this weekend???

It's our ( me and the bf's ) most awaited sale!! where else? at Marquee Mall Pampanga.. wee.. :)
so baby you can buy now the Aldo Shoes that your swooning at since Sunday.. :) will you buy me too? hehe.. we will go there on Saturday. im looking forward to find a nice cardigan. :) im into cardigans nowadays. it's august and it's rainy. First stop for me is Jellybean's boutique. I'll look for a dress. Im into dresses too. :) but im planning to buy flats as well. ehem ehem. as if Giov will read this. can you imagine a Computer Engineer without interest with the Internet.? hmp. gaaah.. we'll I'm always planning to write a special post for the Boyfriend but I can't find the words to post. haha.. so back to the Mallwide sale! i'm sure mall rats will go gaga on this sale. :) im excited. haha.. as if i have money. sus! but ehem again.. Boyfriend will shop for me. :) and after the mall-a-thon, we will go out and dine and maybe drink a little with our best couple friends Noemi and Joel. oh! btw! me and Noemi don't drink. haha.. just the boys,. :) so imma post some updates soon. bye!

photo credit: MARQUEE MALL FB PAGE

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