How to Move On from a Toxic Friendship?

To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved. -- George MacDonald

What happens when you trusted someone your deepest darkest secret, then suddenly you found out that it's no longer a secret? What if you whole-heartedly trusted this person but he backfired you? You will feel hurt, aggravated, disappointed, right? This is the exact thing that I felt when I learned that my secrets were revealed by the person whom I trusted. :(

I feel sad knowing that I trusted this person but what this person did is he/she revealed it to someone. Ang sakit.. I thought I found a friend in him/her.. a long lasting friendship.. but he/she didn't value the trust and friendship that I offered to him/her. We're like siblings already, sharing the same interest, the same heartache. But he/she chose to leave me hanging. I treated him/her as a family. We exchange gifts, messages, inspirational thoughts and encouragements. I never thought that this will happen. I tried to ignore everything, but now it came to the point that I am sick and tired of trying to ignore what he/she did. It came to the point that he/she even divulged a confidential information. That's the time that I said to my self it's enough! Ayoko na!

So I came up with this list on how to move forward from a toxic friendship/relationship.

1. Stop sending sweet messages. I just message him/her "good mornings or good evenings" to be civil with him/her.

2. Stop asking how he/she was. Because the tendency is that he/she will ask you how you are then you'll be telling him/her everything again, then will share it to someone.. in short AVOID TELLING HIM/HER ANYTHING OR SOMETHING TO AVOID CHISMIS.

3. If you can't stop hanging out with her because you have common friends/family, be civil. Have a short talk, Komustahan then leave.


5. Move on. Don't mind him/her. The damage has been done. Move forward. Pasasalamat ka nalang kay God kasi maaga mong nalaman kung anong klaseng tao sya. Maybe God wants us to meet few wrong persons to teach us lessons in life. Let it go.. let it go.. :)

Present time, I am moving on with that toxic friendship. I am still friendly towards him/her ofcourse, he's/she's still a friend. But I no longer trust him/her. I've learned my lessons :)

How about you? How do you move on with toxic people? Care to share? :) Have a happy and blessed Monday everyone :) GOD-Vibes only! <3

*Note: I used him/her, he/she for privacy. Chos! :D

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Camille said...

Friendship breakups are the hardest, Marrien. But still forgive and forget. He/she may understand that your friendship will never be the same again. At least you'll not feel any guilt 'coz until the end you value your friendship with him/her.

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