What Type of Socks Does Say it With A Sock Offer?

Is your sock drawer dull and boring, full of whites and grays and socks whose best days are behind them? If that is your unfortunate situation, then help is on the way in the form of monthly socks. By joining the monthly sock club you can arrange to have new, fashionable socks sent your way by mail. The program is convenient and features quality, branded socks that are stylish and original.

A Selection of Sock Options

The socks you order are customized for your preference in two major areas. First, you select one of three sock styles: graphics, patterns or both patterns and graphics. Second, you will be encouraged to provide feedback on the socks you have received, allowing the sock experts to tweak your sock profile.

There are several advantages to this approach, including:

Surprise – Since you never know exactly what you are getting, it’s like receiving a gift each month.
Convenience – Because there is no need for you to pick out the exact socks, there is no worry about fashion trends or changing styles.
Suitability – Since you still get to choose the overall style of the socks, you can be confident the monthly socks will still be a good fit.
Customization – Your monthly feedback should result in socks that you love, picked for you by a sock professional.

You will be getting branded socks of a high quality that are chosen for your tastes. It’s a great way to jazz up your sock drawer. These aren’t just cool socks for men either. Say It With A Sock is for everybody.

A Number of Benefits

With a sock program, you can pick out the number of socks you wish to receive each month. Gift programs are easy to set up and can be sent to anyone, either on a monthly basis or as a one-time event.

Sign up on the Say It With A Sock home page. It only takes a few moments to provide monthly socks for yourself or a favorite person.

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