What happened to Mayarti.com?

2 years of being with my domain, www.mayarti.com is a roller coaster ride. It was December 2016 when I decided to go by the domain: Mayarti, which is a Kapampangan word for Vain or Artistic. It was in 2017 when I have to take a break from blogging because it became routine work, it was like work was no longer a passion...

Definitely, there were no regrets, I met new friends and met new people with a passion for their businesses. I never imagine in my whole life that I will be doing such things, traveling, trying out new restaurants, and writing for brands and products and my love for photography became deeper. Those were the perks of being a blogger, getting invites for launches, receiving free products and even earning because of writing.

But, as time goes by, I realized that there's more to being a blogger, which is me being passionate about photography and writing. I came across my old posts dated back to 2010 where my blog is just my outlet, my diary wherein I just write my heart out. (read here) You see I was that naive girl, writing about my daily antics, my shopping escapades, my cheap thrills. I don't have deadlines, and I don't mind being bashed because I can write whatever I want to write. 

This is the main reason why I changed my domain to Hello Misis, I just want to go back to the old blogger me where I write my heart out. I used to write my posts in a notebook and then transfer them to my blog. I just want to do that again. Write in my journal and share it with the world, maybe to inspire others. Hello Misis, will be my personal blog wherein I will mostly write about my experiences as a wife, and maybe share my thoughts and bits of advice. I will still be open to businesses though they should be related to my blog which is a Lifestyle of a Domesticated Wife lols!

And as for my Travel and Food Escapades and Products and Brands that I'll be working with, in the future that is really not related to Hello Misis blog, I have my other blog Uncover Pinas where I'll be sharing from time to time my well-loved places.

And I promise that I'll start writing again with my heart. Cheers to a successful journey with
Hello Misis and Uncover Pinas :)

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