Friday Madness. .

I don't know what to blog. ideas! ideas! where are you?? haha.. oh shame.! haha . :)
so what i did the whole day? just slept the whole afternoon. Im so sad because i became unproductive this day :( It's Mama Mel's Birthday today! BTW, Mama Mel is my Special Someone's mom. I haven't blog about him before. If i have time, i'll introduce him to you guys. :P Tomorrow, it's my cousin Kent's 7th birthday party. Food. food. food. XD Im getting fatter and fatter nowadays. :p this braces makes me fat not thin! anyhoo., I miss my dog "kirby" :( i'll post his pictures when i have time. :p My bf brought Kirby to his house last two weeks because he got sick,. :( but now he's ok and i'm planning to get him early next week! Im being so random. ;p Tomorrow, me and bf will watch a movie. we're picking Angelina Jolie's " Salt ". So there.. just me being random. will post other entry later.. bye,. :P

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