Bicol Trip!

Last July 9, i had the opportunity to visit Bicol. I was so happy! Atlast I can visit my
grandmother's hometown.But at the same time, im sad because it's my great grandfather's burial.
From Pampanga, you have to ride a bus going to Cubao's Philtranco Terminal.The etrip is equivalent to less than 3 hours. Then we rode the Bus going to Bicol and that is equivalent to almost 12 hours. My butt is in pain the whole trip, because of the long trip. I can't sleep because Im scared of the zigzag road.:) As i your travelling to Baguio. When we arrived in Abucay Pilar Sorsogon, the first thing I found out is that " there's no signal!!!! " . you have to climb the mountain to be able to get signal.:(At first im so scared because it's too steep., and it's slippery.
( na-slide pa nga si mama. haha.. lol ) But I began to appreciate the place when i saw the view from the top.. :) it's so beautiful really.!
I love how people are so warm especially to us since my mom left Bicol since she is 8years old.
so after35years she's back!. Next is the food. I love love love the food! Every food has coconut milk.
And i love spicy foods! :) People there may lack in financial aspects but they are abundant of
natural resources where they get their food. And also I had the chance to meet Mount Mayon. :)
she's soooo lovely. We went to Cagsawa Ruins. The whole Cagsawa town was buried during the 1814 erruption of Mayon.
The Church tower is still visible. The townspeople of Cagsawa fled to the church where they perished when it was engulfed in the fiery flows. ( History lesson for you guys. :) )
Then on July 12, it's my great grandpop's burial. :( The way to the Cemetery is such an adventure for me as well. :) Because the Cemetery is on the top of the Mountain. The view up there is amazing.!
All in all, i love Bicol! The trip greaten my love with nature. :) We will go back there next
year for my Grandfather's Babang Luksa or 1st year anniversary.

Love this place .:)

Pushing the Tower, ^^

Jump Hight Mayon! ( too bad it's cloudy )

Cemetery On the Top of the Mountain:)

Cemetery.. I wonder how many times do people go there to visit their loved-ones coz it's far :P

the view from the top of the mountain. :)



Nice photos - I like the second one! HAAHA!

ehntot said...

hi,. :) haha.. thanksso much :)like it too..

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