Pore Minimizing

hi guys! im into prepping my face nowadays. :) im done with whitening and making it even as well.that's why i stopped using Maxipeel. ( baka magmukha na akong bangkay sa puti! hehe ) That's why im intominimizing my pores. anyhoo,
just a while ago, we went to the groceries to buy some stuffs, as usual i have to visit the
part of the supermarket where all skin care products are located. i checked out for Eskinol's line of products. Im so happy that there's a product specializing "Pores" . Since im into pore - minimizing, I grabbed the Eskinol Ice pore therapy facial scrub And Ice POretherapy Fluid. I did not get the toner, since I love Belo's Toner and im sticking to it. And there's a cream too but i got the Fluid Instead. I love the cooling effects of the Scrub and the Fluid. The cooling beads of the Scrub is so refreshing. And the fluid as well. It doesn't leave a sticky feeling to the face. But before i apply the fluid,I rubbed my face first with my Home made Ice facial that i will post the tutorial video in the future coz my net connection is slow, that uploading the video to Youtube is pain in the ass.tss.
i love the product! It's so effective and you can easily see the effects.:)
So thank you guys! i'll just update you from time to time on how the product is reacting to my
face/ Bye!

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