my kikay kit must-have

i really love cosmetic products nowadays. i love watching youtube with makeup tutorials. and that is the reason too why i applied as a beauty consultant of ETUDE HOUSE .. ( wish me luck! yay!^^) so, on this post i will introduce to you my kikay kit or makeup kit. :)

a. my makeup pouch : hello kitty makeup pouch. i bought this at Booksale in Nepo Mall, Angeles City for only Php 74. cheap,eh! i love it because it's easy to clean and it has two compartments. :)
b. the whole makeup family. : my pouch, Johnson baby powder, Godiva compact powder, Elf Lip tints, Maybelline lip balm, nude and red colored lippies from Ever Bilena, Eyelash curler from ELF, Avon Mascara, Careline eyeshawdow , Ever Bilena Blush on and eyeshadow palette from mom's friend. :)

c. Avon Mascara : i really love this mascara because it thickens my eyelashes and it's waterproof. but i use this together with my ELF eyelash curler because if not, the whole thing will be nonsense because i have thin and short eyelashes! :p

d. Everbilena blush on, Johnson Powder, 4U2 Dream Girl BB cream and Godiva pressed powder. I use the Baby Powder when i feel sweaty. (eewww.. ;p) then i will have separate reviews with the BB cream and Blush on and also with the Godiva Pressed powder.

e. Lippies : i really love my Maybelline Lip Balm because it has little color on it and it only cost less than 100pesos. :) and it prevents my lips from peeling because i have my braces and my lips is peeling. :p and i hate it! then next are my Nudy Lipgloss from E.L.F. they are so good and they taste good also.! weh.! i love nude lippies because im such a low maintenance gal and i hate being made up during the day. I use my red lipstick when i go out with friends at night and i love how they make my teeth whiter. ^^
f. my eyeshadows: from careline and my mom's friend. i seldom use this babies. i only use them on special occasions and when i go out at night. i only use the white eyeshadow and peach eyeshadow for highlighting my features e.a my nose. :)

~ so there you go! i showed to you my kikay kit must have. always remember to wash your face before going to sleep. :) and always clean your brushes and foams. :) ciao!

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