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when i was in highschool, i don't really mind my skin. i was like " bahala na. basta may powder lang, ok na" hehe. then college, still im nonchalant with my skin. it is when my mom introduced to me skin care products like "clean and clear" and "ponds". she'll buy for herself, then i use them. hehe. i was so "kuripot" when it comes to beauty products. but now, my boyfriend is so maarte that he always wants to see me pretty and made-up. so i became really conscious when it comes to skincare. :) so, i will introduce on this post my must-have skin care products. :)


a. maxipeel exfoliant scrub. : i seldom use this like twice a week only. cause i might have break outs. i love it since it whitens my skin and it leaves my face oil-free. :) i use Kojie- San kojic soap regularly. it's so good coz it evens out my skin tone.
b. maxipeel exfoliant cream : i seldom use this also like once a week only. it has the same benefit w/ then exfoliant scrub.
c. avon's skin so soft whitening lotion w/ pearl powder.: i've been using this product since when.
( the original product w/o pearl powder) i already forgot.! ^^ it's so effective. it's true that in seven days you'll have lighter skin tone.
d. belo face toner: my pores became less visible ever since i use this product.
e. dream girl bb cream: my favorite product as of the moment! my spots became less visible because of this baby. i even go w/ this cream only without pressed powder. my face becomes really flawless. and it's such a cheap thrill for only Php 194 ! love love this product.

so there you go. On my future post , i will post my beauty regimen and beauty secrets for having a good skin even if i use cheap makeups. :) ciao! ^^


bea said...

Now I also using Skin So Soft.. the things I dont like them is sticky but after a few minutes It will be ok..

ehntot said...

yeah thats right bea. :) i love avon products.:) and it's very effective right.;)

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