Secrets Revealed

i've been searching high and low for tips and tricks to have perfect flawless skin. ;) but, i don't have time and i'm so lazy.. haha.. and then i thought of making my own regimens., but! i don't have perfect skin either. i sometimes have minimal breakouts. sometimes, when i wake up in the morning, i realize i hate my skin. sometimes i look dark. sometimes there are bumps on my face.,. arghhh! but it barely happens to me because i really take care of my skin. :)

so here are some of my secrets. :) but now, they are no longer secrets. :P haha..

1st : I exfoliate my skin 2x a week. aside from my facial scrub, i have my own home-made face scrub. so watch out for my tutorial soon. :p

2nd: rub your face with ice cube once every morning and in the evening before applying moisturizers. :P it will close your pores and make it less visible. :) i have my own ice cube recipe that i'll be sharing tomorrow. :p


4th : After rubbing your face with ice, rub your face with a slice of lemon or calamansi. it will help you lighten your skin tone, apply this also on your elbows and knees. :P

5th: drink atleast 8 glasses of water. it will flush out all the toxins from your body. as for me., i drink 1 glass of cold water before i go to sleep then when i wake up in the morning, i have a bright, moisturize face. :)

6th: drink green tea! it will detoxify your body and it will give you a lasting radiant on your face

so what's your beauty secret? share it here by commenting on this blog post. :P

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