i don't know what title i will put in this post. this day is fabulous.! absolutely fabulous.!
why? I GOT NEW STUFFS! hooray. :)
first, i bought two Victoria Body Mist from my cousin Ate Aiza. Scents are Strawberries and Champagne, and Romantic Wish. I love sweet smelling scents. :) so there.

and in the afternoon, my father called me and told me that our package has finally arrived. It's from Lola Maring (grandmother) in Hawaii. Lots of Goodies inside the Box. :) I got a very niceBlack Shoulder Bag. And guess what? i got one round box full of tiny vials of Victoria Secret Perfume. Definitely stuffs that would be great additions on my VS collection. I soooo love my lola and she really knows what i love. I know i'll be forever Lola's Girl. :)

VS Body Mist
(strawberries and champagne and romantic wish )

The box full of Goodies

The black Shoulder Bag. :)

Say what?? it's mine! hehe

Thanks lola. xoxo

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Faye said...

awesome!:) It's so nice to received packages from abroad :) nakakaaddict!:)

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