On Becoming a Cabin Crew

Flight Attendant : a career that I want to Pursue.
Just last June, I had a chance to submit my CV to Saudia Airlines, and up until now, everyday I check on my mail and see if there's an email from them. But for now, Im giving my self till next year to be ready to be serious in applying as Flight Attendant.
For now, I have my braces back to straighten my teeth. I want to have perfect set of teeth before attending any screenings. Im also working on my skin, but confidently speaking, i have fair and smooth skin. But another problem is, I have poor eyesight. Soon, I will have my prescription toric lenses so that i'll get used to them. I will also take exercise and diet seriously. :) I'm also planning to finish some subjects regarding Nursing Aid that I know, will help me on this job especially first aid treatments. Im also into reading books again to widen my vocabulary.
By next year, I hope i'll be ready. Faith in God is the key. And perseverance as a Human as well.
Fly High!


Lily said...

good luck on becoming a flight attendant!! I think it's a fun but challenging career. you get to travel to a lot of different places :)


ehntot said...

thank's so much lily.. :p wish me luck!


cottoncandyspy said...

GoodLuck ate :) Dream kurin maging cabin crew ;) haha.

ehntot said...

thank's celine. :) just pursue it., take tourism in college., i regret not taking tourism. :( and pataba nakamu ditak..hehe.. ta na kulang keka.. sleep, eat, sleep, eat. hehe

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