Sunday cheapday

Every Sunday there’s a bazaar or tiangge in our place. We also have a stall there together with my best friend and my cousin because we are selling some pre-loved stuffs or ukay-ukay. Last night, as usual we’re there to sell. And then I searched for stuffs that I can buy. With less than 200pesos or roughly $4, I bought 2 blouses one is 100pesos (almost $2) and 50pesos (almost $1), 2 nail polish for 10pesos each and 1 black eyeliner for 10pesos also. I'm so satisfied with my stuffs. :) I love how I can get nice things for very affordable prices. :)

blouse worth 50pesos ( less than $1)

mini dress 100pesos ( less than $2)
2 nail polish for 10pesos each and black pencil eyeliner for 10pesos

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