Beautiful Inside and Out

What comes into your mind when you hear the word "BEAUTIFUL" ? Such a strong word isn't it? As for the majority, Beautiful means: sexy, fair skinned, slim, with beautiful eyes, hair and everything.
And there come's Insecurity for most of us. :( Sad, but true.
Ever heard of BIO Campaign? it's Tyra Banks Mission to change the definition of beauty. This campaign was introduced last 2009 i guess .. (i'm sorry if i didn't get it right ) Well, funny me I just had the chance to watch her BIO Campaign special Today on her Tyra Show on ETC.
After being inspired by Tyra Banks, i will post articles regarding true beauty and maybe add some photos. :) don't worry girls, you are not alone. You are Beautiful in your own way. Embrace what you have. and don't forget to smile and be Happy. :)

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