Pampanga 1. Carmelite Monastery

Last June 24.2011 i have to meet up with my friend noemi to help her shop for the last minute for their Palawan trip the next day. We decided to meet up at 8am., but no text message from her, haha. So i decided to visit Carmelite Monastery to pray. :) then she beep me saying she'll just meet me at 9:30am so okay! :)

Just a little bit of info here about Carmelite Monastery. : It is located in Angeles City. Many students visit here to offer  eggs and candles for their wishes. :) As for me, everytime I have Job interviews, I visit the Monastery to light candles and pray. And sometimes, this church serves as our meeting place. :)
But that day, June24 is a special day and i really need to ask for Mama Mary's and Jesus' Guidance because I have a Job interview at Hotel Stotsenberg later that afternoon and my brother's Pre-Pageant day that afternoon as well for Mr. Mabalacat.  When you Pray in this Monastery it's very calm and serene. And for my wishes., the interview went well and my Brother was included on the Top 12 finalists of Mr. Mabalacat. Yay! :) and i will update you soon about my application. :) 

Here are the photos i took using my Canon Powershot SX100 IS. ( it's raining, รœ )

 Carmelite Monastery

 This is where you light your candles and wish. :)

 Drop a coin and make a wish. this wishing well was donated by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo and Ryan Agoncillio before their wedding ( im not sure if before or after, sorry )
And this photo i saw this before i left the Church, :) isn't it lovely? it's my favey! :)
 And this is the map going to Carmelite Monastery. :)

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