Foodie: Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen

It's very obvious that I really love eating :) Because I have a healthy body (i wish) or flabby body? But anyways, this blog post is already over due. Last Monday evening, we had a family dinner in a famous Cantonese Restaurant near my place, it is Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen. Here in my city, it is located beside Puregold Dau. It is a catchy restaurant because it is colored green on the outside.

Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen is my family's favorite restaurant. My grandmother who lives in Hawaii also loves this restaurant because of the great food and ambiance. That Monday evening, my uncle from Hawaii treated us in a family dinner, because they will leave for Hawaii the coming Thursday (today, we went to the airport this morning ). We were 12 and when we arrived in Luk Foo, the food attendant guided us in a family room ( sorry I don't have photo ).

Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen is definitely a go-to restaurant for people who loves Cantonese foods.

The ooh so bright red menu. Let's take a look inside.

Great variety of Cantonese food that will surely solve your cravings.

Even in the pictures, the foods look delish.

And for a tea lover like me, the good thing about Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen is that they give complimentary hot tea while you wait for your order. Yum!

Now let's move on to the food that we eat. Yummy! Together with rice, these foods are definitely delicious.

Sauteed Mixed Vegetables
Rating: 3/5
It is delicious but it was overcooked. I want my vegetables to be a little bit crispy.

SpareRibs in Strawberry Sauce
Rating: 5/5 
My favorite! I didn't know that you can cook with strawberries as your sauce. Definitely a must try. There is a tinge of sweetness. It will really tickle your taste buds. Yummy!

Crispy Golden Shrimp Cake
Rating: 5/5
Yummy! My 5 year-old cousin's favorite. Chopped shrimp with breading. This is definitely a child's favorite because it is fried.

Chinese-style Beef Tenderloin
Rating: 5/5
I really love sweet foods. Beef, chicken or pork in sweet sauce -- Heaven for me. But for others, they say it's too sweet. But for me, no problemo.

Bottomless Iced Tea
Rating 5/5
Because it is cheap. For 65 pesos you can drink all you want. And it is also good and refreshing. No strong taste. Not too sweet also.

By the way the food is worth the money you pay for. :) So there you go.

For your Cantonese food cravings, you can visit Luk Foo Cantonese Kitchen's branch at:

Dau Branch ( where we ate)
Beside Puregold Dau
Mc Arthur Hi-way
Dau Mabalacat City, Pampanga

Hope you'll have a great weekend!
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