Entourage Gown and Dress Option

Since I have always stated here in my blog that we will be having a budget friendly wedding, I will start posting cheap thrills and options to help the bride to be's like me.

We all want to be pretty and elegant in our own wedding, but how about our entourage? Like your maid of honor, bridesmaid and secondary sponsors? Here in my city in Pampanga, there are several gown rentals that offer great variety of gowns. Like in Angeles City, you can score great attires for your whole entourage in Plaridel St. You can also visit Sharon's Gown Rentals in Telebastagan city of San Fernando.

But for us who are looking for other options, we opted to canvass for dresses in online stores. A Pampanga-based seller named Maren Mallari Rivera. She is a trusted seller because I have a friend who frequently buys from her and she also supplies clothes to other sellers.

Here are some of the dresses that I personally like for our entourage:

credits to Maren Mallari Rivera

credits to Maren Mallari Rivera

My entourage can choose the design of their dress, but they should follow the motif. Mismatched bridesmaid dress is the trend today.

These are my inspirations since we will be having the same color motif:


There you go. :) Let us make sure that we are all pretty in our wedding day and of course our entourage too. :)


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