Marriage Proposal 101

If you are a close friend of ours or just a reader of my blog, most probably, you would know that G haven't popped the question yet. I know right? We are getting married in less than 3 months, but he hasn't proposed yet. I certainly understand my babe, because we went through a lot these past few months. From business matters to family matters. And I'm so grateful that gradually, we are getting back on track. 

Last night, G went here in my place to visit me and to bid goodbye to my uncle and family, because they will leave for Hawaii tomorrow. They had their 1 month vacation here. Supposedly, yesterday, we will break the news to my family that we are getting married. But G said that, he will propose first. I know right again! hihi. We are weird. Definitely. But my babe is sooo secretive though, I don't have any idea or whatnot. Maybe he is planning for the "Proposal" thingy,but I don't know. Haha. But I know he will. He said "Malapit na" or Almost. I am expecting because he said I will cry bucket of tears on that day. Which by the way, I love. :) Because I want to feel that giddy feeling. Haha

Don't worry girls and boys, I will definitely post it here once nag-propose na siya :)

And oh by the way, before I forget, here is an infographic of Unforgettable and unique Marriage Proposals that I came across the net. 

This infographic was presented by

Cheers to all guys out there who are prepping for that unforgettable Marriage Proposal. Good luck!


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