Wedding Preps: Theme and Motif

Hello there! Our wedding is almost there and well, we have not completed our preparations yet. We are still in the process of fixing everything. But I know with God's grace and guidance, we'll be able to finish everything with ease.

Themes and motifs are very important in a wedding. It will reflect the couple's personality. When we are planning the wedding, the first thing that we considered is the theme. We want a garden wedding because personally I want a carefree rustic vibe with a tinge of vintage feel. And since I will be doing DIY decorating, a garden wedding is a good decision. And I might add Chevron or Ombre designs too. Let see. :)  Here are some of our inspirations:
Wedding pic ideas
Credits Pinterest

Credits to Praise Wedding
But these are expensive though :D

Next is the motif, at first, G wants a Royal Blue/White wedding, while a cutiepatootie girl like me wants a Pink wedding. But, then again as we browse in photos in Pinterest, we agreed on a Moroccan Motif which is a combination of Orange, Hot pink, Gold and Yellow.

Credits to Weddings Illustrated
 But recently, we had a change of heart. Because my auntie just gave me a pair of shoes from Charlotte Russe ( I'll show the picture next time ) and the color is Coral from Pantone (not too orange, not too pink )
Credits to Miss Priss Morgan

The glitch here is that we are torn between these two lovely color combinations:

Credits to Wedding Illustrated

Fiance loves this motif because it looks clean.

Credits to B.loved Weddings

And I like this one. Hehe. Because it has pink on it. :) Hmmm.. But I can smell victory because h2b said "Only the best for you" and "It's up to you". See, my babe is a spoiler.


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