Superman Ride: A check in my Bucketlist

Last July 7, I woke up early well, not really woke up because I barely slept that night, at 3am because the whole fambam will go on a road trip to the north. Our destination is Baguio City. We were a bit worried the days before the trip because based on the weather forecast, the chance of rainfall in Baguio would be 100%. But when we got there, the weather is oohh so fine. :)

We went to a series of destinations, but my favorite part is when we went to Treetop Adventure located in Camp John Hay Baguio City. Upon arrival, the guide will talk about the rules, the fees and whatnot. The oldies ( sorry aunties, uncle and papa ) were not convinced because of well, the price is not cheap, and the long walk to the stations are not rayuma-friendly. And the kids will not endure the long walk.

But me and my cousin Adel, want to try the zip line. :D So what my aunt did is she let us experience the thrill. (Wow heavy :) ). She gave us money to pay the entrance fee and the Zipline fee, then they just stayed in the van and ate.

First you have to pay the 100peso/each entrance fee and then you can enjoy the Trekking Adventure. After that we headed to the Pavillion to sign the waiver then we paid for the Superman Ride for 200pesos/each.

The waiver and the pricelist

The Ticket 

Then there goes the trekking adventure. The uphill and downhill trails seem to be endless. My big and tired legs are already aching. Dinaig pa ang pagtakbo ko ng 2 oras sa threadmill.

Yay! Adel (left) and (me)
Then after almost 15 minutes of walk, we reached our destination. WOOOHOOOO!!! This is really it :)

Not So obvious nervous faces

It is indeed fun! And breathtaking. Watch the video here:

I'm sorry for the low quality video. I'm still in the process of mustering Movie Maker. Well, the video says it all. I really enjoyed the Superman Ride. Well, next time, I will try the Tree Drop. Ha-ha. :) And next time, I need to wear rubber shoes.

Thanks for reading :)


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