Review: Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Witch Hazel Toner

Hello everyone! It's a fine and rainy Tuesday afternoon today. I just realized, that I've been so busy lately and just forgot to review all the items that I bought in my first Beauty Haul for my blog. And I'm sorry about that.

For this post, I will review about Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Witch Hazel Toner. My good friend is a fan of witch hazel toners, and she told me it really does wonders to her face. Since you all know that I've had acne breakout month ago, that's is the reason why I've decided to give witch hazel toners a try.

So yes, one day I went to SM Clark and checked out Healthy Options and yes there's witch hazel toner. I've decided to purchase Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Witch Hazel Toner. I got the travel size.

The reason why I purchased Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Witch Hazel Toner is that I've read several success stories about this little helper. I've used this toner in 2 consecutive weeks. Once in the morning and once in the evening before I sleep.

So let's start:

Price: ♥♥♥♥

 I purchased the travel size which is 2 Fl Oz. or 59ml. It only cost me 75php. So cheap for a little wonder like this.

Packaging: ♥♥

I don't like the packaging. Though it's travel size, it can spill in your bag or your pouch, like what happened to me. It should have a stopper.

Ingredients: ♥♥♥♥

Impressive because it's all natural. It contains 14% Grain Alcohol and Witch Hazel Extract and of course no Parabens :)

Its Promise: ♥♥♥♥

The front part says: Non-drying. For all skin types. Gently cleanses + conditions pores to maintain clear, smooth and balanced skin. 100% all Natural. Gentle Formula. And when you peel the label. That's what you'll see inside. (Photo above)

Personal experience: ♥♥♥♥


♥ Cheap 
♥ Effective
♥ After 2 weeks of use, my pores were minimized
♥ All Natural
♥ Removed my blackheads and whiteheads ^^

♥ Packaging
♥ Smell. ughh.

Will I repurchase: Yes! :)

There you go. Comment your own experience with Dickinson's Pore Perfecting Witch Hazel Toner below okei? And don't forget to join my blog giveaway HERE

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