Review: Hayan Korea BB Cream

Before I buy an item in full-size, I usually buy them first in their sachet size. In this way, I can do a test before I decide to use the product permanently. 
And yes for this post, I will review the Hayan BB Cream Whitening and Anti Wrinkle Effect minimi version. When I was strolling around Jenra Mall Angeles City, a new kiosk caught my attention. The kiosk's name is Hayan Korea. This is the first time that I saw this product line. But when I searched it in the internet, this product is indeed popular. It caters everything from BB creams to Lipsticks to Nail colors.
So then I saw this cutiepatootie BB cream sachet, so I've decided to buy two and it cost 10pesos each. The saleslady even gave me one additional trial pack because it is their 2nd day from the opening day. 

I didn't immediately use this BB cream because I forgot about it. It was left sitting on my bag. teehee. Then finally discovered it after 1 week.
Benefits: As stated at the back of the packaging:  Hayan BB cream covers blemishes and naturally adheres to the skin even without face powder. It raises fluidity and it flows smoothly it can naturally blend in the clear skin tone.Furthermore, it keeps the skin healthy because it has whitening functions and anti-wrinkle function which keep the skin smooth and beautiful.

So here is my feedback about the product as well as the rating :D

Packaging : 5/5
Since it's just a trial pack, I don't expect much. But I'm completely surprised because the instruction is in English. As well as all the information is in English :)
Content: 4/5
That is the actual color of the product by the way Uhm sorry the picture is a bit dark, but don't fret out that the item is kinda light colored because the good thing about this is that it will blend naturally in your skin. The consistency is creamy and the smell is so sweet.
Effect 5/5
See it will naturally blend in your skin. Then top it with your favorite loose powder and well it will look like this :
It does not have a full coverage though to hide my acne scars, but it is definitely pretty, because it gave me a dewy look.
Price: 5/5
10 pesos each for trial pack and 350pesos. It comes in four different shades that is suitable for any skin tone.

Will I recommend it? YES
Will I purchase the full-sized product? YES. After I finish my other BB cream :D


Note: This review is based on my own opinion and views. I bought this product for my own use ;)


Ashley Madison said...

Hi sis! I saw this one at (, and it's only P195.00 only. I wonder kung bakit hindi yung sachet yung inorder mo sis parang ang mahal kasi nung nasa tube e. Thanks!

Marrien said...

Hi Ashley;

I bought the sachet kasi i want to try it first.. pero hindi sya fit sa skin type ko which is oily,. kaya good thing I didn't buy the full size..:)

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