Wedding Preps: How to file a CENOMAR?

CENOMAR or Certificate of No Marriage. It is one of the most important requirements that you need before you can apply for a Marriage License. It is a document that will certify you that you don't have a marriage certificate filed in National Statistics office.

One sunny Friday afternoon, after having lunch at H2B's house, I headed to the nearest NSO office in San Fernando City. Near the entrance, the guard will ask you what documentation you need to file. So I said I need a CENOMAR, so he handed me a piece of paper and fill out the necessary information needed.

our CENOMAR! Blurred the information :)
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name
Mother's Maiden Name
Father's Full Name
Place of Birth
Purpose of Cenomar

So you need to make sure the spellings are correct because as far as I know if there's a correction, you need to come back again. After filling out the form, I went to the reception area because there is a personnel there to check if the form was properly accomplished.  You also need a valid I.D. After checking the paper, the personnel handed me a piece of paper with a corresponding number for payment. When my number was called, the cashier verified the information if it is correct so I said yes. I paid the amount and she gave me the official receipt and asked me to wait for my name to be called at the waiting area. And finally, my name was called and the lady behind the window asked for my receipt, and I got our CENOMAR. At last!

What can I say? Government offices are now improving. Kudos to you guys! Less hassle indeed. In 1 hour, I got our CENOMAR.

Total damage:  195pesos each 
so that is 390pesos for 2 CENOMAR. Not bad :)

But if the NSO Office is far from your place, you can also file your CENOMAR at any SM Department Store (the are where you pay for your bills, tickets and whatnot). It cost 250pesos and you'll have your CENOMAR in  a week.

And if you are out of the country or no access to both SM and NSO Office, you can order your CENOMAR online at E-Census Website. All you have to do is to fill out the form, Pay the amount in any accredited bank then wait for the delivery of your CENOMAR. The amount is 415pesos each including postage and shipping. But for deliveries outside the country, additional $25 for each copy.

So there you go! Good luck! :)

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