What Makes Me Feel Beautiful and Sexy.

Beautiful? Yes! Every woman is. Sexy? hmmm. eep! I consider myself sexy. Yes I really am. :) I know confidence level to the highest point! I have sexy eyes, sexy nose, and yes.. I have a sexy accent. Kapampangan accent it is! But kidding aside, do I consider myself Beautiful and Sexy? Well, it's a big YES!

But what makes me feel that I am Beautiful and Sexy? Ehem.. As you all know my dear readers, I am recently engaged to the man I have loved for 7 years now. He has been my greatest fan ever! (o.m I get speechless when I'm talking about him :3 ) 

Seriously? Yes he makes me feel beautiful and sexy. Even when I'm in my pajamas, my hair is in a messy bun, my shirt is punit-punit but he always says "Baby, you're so beautiful. And ang sexy naman niyang sinusuot mong may butas sa kili-kili". Ha! I know right my fiance is indeed a joker. But he makes me blush really. Whenever I try on dresses, but they barely fit me because well they are not my size he will hug me tight and say "Marami pang maganda damit diyan.. Hanap pa tayo". And even if I have this big pimple in my nose I am still beautiful for him. I always ask him " How can you say I'm beautiful and sexy eh I'm bloated and look at my hair it's messy, I have pimples, I have peklat" then he would answer me "Hon, you are beautiful because you are kind to your siblings and parents. You are beautiful because you are friendly. You are beautiful because my family loves you. And you are beautiful because you are my life. My life is beautiful" "You are sexy babe, because you have big uhmm.. You know the upper thingy? Ha-ha" See he even jokes around my curvaceous body. :) 

But seriously, I know he is telling the truth, because he popped the question with a ring! And yes every day, he makes me feel beautiful and sexy because he reminds me every time, that God made me and I'm Special.

So basically my answer to the question: What Makes You Feel Beautiful and Sexy? Well it is my Engagement Ring .. Because it is a reminder that someone considers me as beautiful and sexy even thought I am on my ugliest and fattest state :) And still loves me NO Matter What! :)

** So there you go! This post is made especially for my online friend Gelli of So Gelleesh for her 2nd year Bloganniversary. Way to go girl! :) You are indeed an inspiration.

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MagazineFavorFever said...

New teh.. Love It!! CHos me neh!! XD.... Try and try until you suceed ne XD...Pa-sexy ka na kasi eh!! Of course teh beautiful ka :)


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