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I am born Filipina and yes I am Asian. I'm not fashionable as most Asians are. But I now I have my own style and I dress based on my personality and I dress for comfort. Hence, I want to introduce to you an Asian Clothing store that caters different clothing styles that suit anyone's personality.

Introducing Vivi-Clothes
An online shopping store that sells high-quality clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, makeups and etc. From Japan, Korea and Hongkong.

Here are my personal favorites that you can find at Vivi-Clothes

Aren't they pretty?

Cute Bridesmaid Dress
You can wear this with or without leggings :)
Sweet and Preppy. :)
Just the right amount of cuteness
Cute colors, right?
To die for..Sweet pastel colored bags.

I just can't stop browsing their store. If you want to see more cute and lovely items, visit Vivi-Clothes

What I love about Vivi-Clothes:

* They offer International Shipping
* 24/7 Customer Service for all your needs
* Wide variety of products. From clothing to supplements to wigs and contact lenses.
* User friendly website.

That's it! :) Thank's for reading.

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