LGcare: SAY or Soft as You

Hi there lovelies! :) I know some of you doesn't know that LG has its health and beauty line. Yes that is correct :) One of their product is SAY or Soft as You. It has a wide range of facial foams, body wash, bar and body lotion. Actually I don't really have the idea that LG has its health line. My student from Korea just gave me this product:

As you can see, it is written in pure Korean. >.< Since I can't read Korean letters, I asked my student what is written. She told me that it is a facial foam and it is great for cleaning the face down to the pores.

At the back part of the product, Korean letters all over. Hihi. But I was able to read the website though: its www.lgcare.com. When I visited their website, the packaging of this SAY Facial Foam have changed.

credits to LGcare

So basically it's color is white now, and there is an indication that it is a Facial Foam. Their variants are also written which is Floral Pink for dry skin and Fresh Green for normal skin.

The product itself is promising. Whenever I use it, I can feel that my pores are clean. And by the way this is a 40ml product very small but my student gave me two of these then I gave the other one to my cousin. I stopped using this when I found out that the packaging has changed. I am afraid that this item might be expired. But my student told me that its expiration date is on 2015. Thank God. hihi.

But anyhoo, yeah that's it. I think. Overall this item is very neat and very good. The smell is awesome. Not overpowering. My student already left for Korea and she told me she'll send me goodies. Hihi. :)

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Gellie Abogado said...

Love how adorable the packaging is ng Korean products and this looks interesting. Is it available in PH? :)


babbledoll said...

Hei Gellie :) I think it's not available here in PH :(

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