What's in My Bag?!

Hi Loves! How are you today? I am feelin' kind of lazy today because it's bed weather. There's a typhoon here in the Philippines that's why it's raining cats and dog.

Anyhoo, for today I will show you what's inside my bag. I usually bring my black backpack whenever I go out because it's comfortable and I can bring whatever I want.

1. Fauxdori (Traveler's Notebook) - My go to planner. I DIYed this one. I used leatherette and PVC leather ( Leave a comment if you want a blogpost of what's inside my planner :))

2; Perfume - My husband bought this from his friend.

3. Alcohol - I love sanitizing everything. hehe

4. Coloring Pens - I am currently addicted to adult coloring materials. I print coloring pages from Pinterest;

5. Writing Materials Pouch - I can't go out without my Pens. There are times when you want to jot down something or write important notes.

6. Makeup Bag- I will have a separate post of my updated "What's in my Makeup Bag"

7. Guess Wallet - My aunt gave this and it's my lucky wallet.

8. Goat-skin Coin Purse - It is where I put my loose change.

9. Cute Notebooks - just because! hehe

That's it for my "What's in my Bag" post. I hope you like it! See yah!

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