My Pen and Paper Obsession

When I was a kid around 3 years old, back in our old house, we have this huge book shelves in our living room. We have plenty of books, from my uncles' and aunties' school books to our reader's digest collection. When no one's watching, I would pick up some books, browse on them and doodle my my heart out. That is the my first memory when I fell in love with pens and papers.

In college, I would collect gel pens to metallic pens. Dong'a pens in particular. Tinitipid ko pa noon ang allowance ko just to buy a Pilot G-tec pen. hehe. I would buy different kinds of notebooks from cheap to expensive ones and use it as my diary or planner, My mom would buy me Candy mag edition planners too.

But when I started working in a BPO company, I felt sad because it is a paperless environment, so I couldn't bring my planner and my ever colorful pens. Pero, keri lang! Atleast I have a job to supply my addiction.. Writing.

Iba parin kasi yung kahit saan you can take note of everything. Di talaga ako makaalis ng house without any writing materials. I love going out alone, kasi nga my husband is busy with their business, so I need to do errands all by my self. Then syempre pag ginutom ako, kakain ako sa kung saan or drink coffee ganun.. Syempre may resibo.. naku ayun I would write and doodle sa back part ng receipt.. hehe But recently, I fell in love with my traveler's notebook which I DIY-ed by the way.. So I had a companion. Whenever I'm alone in a coffee shop or a fastfood joint I get the chance to write all my thoughts, my to-do's and my ramblings. It feels so good.

You can definitely be yourself when you write your thoughts in a paper. Just make sure you keep it in a safe place, you wouldn't want anyone to see your personal thoughts, diba?

How about you? Do you love pens and papers too? Do you love writing? Comment and tell me your thoughts :)

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