Sunday Currently Vol. 1

Yup I know it's already Monday and I am posting this today. hehe. My bad! I spent the whole evening last night with my husband and we came home late. Anyhoo, the picture above was taken by me while having a "Me-time" yesterday afternoon at Moonleaf Sindalan. While drinking my Jasmine based Wintermelon Milktea, I planned my whole week in my fauxdori.

Take Note: I wrote my Sunday Currently in my phone's Memo app yesterday :)

Reading: The Heir by Kiera Cass. I am totally hooked with this series.

Writing: My first Sunday currently post while travelling to Mabalacat. :D

Listening: to a random 50's song being played in the Car stereo.

Thinking: of what to eat at McDonald's! I am craving for double cheese burger~!!!arrrrgghhh!!!

Smelling: the scent of my perfume from Mom ❤❤

Wishing: to celebrate our 10th anniversary in October at the beach :)

Wearing: a floral top and denim shorts.

Wanting: a Kindle Fire

Needing: a full Body Massage;. ohhh puhleeeasse!!!

Loving: my easy Sunday Morning :)

Feeling: HUNGRY!!!!

I hope you guys have a great week ahead! Buhbye 😘😘😘

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