My Lovely Friday

Hello lovies,

I am writing this while I'm having my free time at work. Guess what? I am working again. Not for full time actually, just working part time for a month. It feels different, I wake up at 5:30AM everyday as in!! I am a morning person now. haha. My body automatically wakes up at 5:30AM, just before my alarm clock goes off. I just wish I will be able to adapt this waking up early thingy once I finish my contract here.

I still have 2 more weeks to decide if I should go back to office work again. I am still waiting for a sign. I am afraid to make bad decisions that is why I am waiting for universe's answer.. And ofcourse I want what God plans for me. I am really clinging to this mind set now.

I am contemplating whether I should start working again or not. If I will have a job again, I can buy furnitures and things for our future house, but I will sacrifice sleeping normally in the evening because for sure my work will be on a night shift. I will sacrifice my chance of fixing my hormonal imbalance. I still can't decide really. Well I still have two weeks though.

On the lighter note, it's weekend!! It's friday!! woohhoo..!! But I need to render few hours of Overtime tomorrow, which is cool, naman.

I have 2 pending posts here on my blog and they will surely be up tonight or tomorrow. I am so excited this coming days.

God is so Good for giving us Fridays.. My lovely Friday :)

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