My top 5 Android App

Hi Loves! How are you today? I am currently writing this while sipping my morning coffee. I've decided to post about my top 5 Android Apps because my phone is sitting beside my Mason Jar filled with coffee. hehe.

I've been using this apps for a long time already, eversince I got an Android Phone in 2012.

1. VSCOcam. First on my list is VSCOcam. My favorite among the rest! I have all the filters including the paid ones. VSCOcam is my go-to photo editor. I even transfer my photos from my camera to my phone so I can edit them using my VSCocam.

2. Instagram! Who doesn't love Instagram? It's my holy grail Android App. (if there's such a thing,hehe) I follow local and international artists, planner enthusiasts and online sellers. I always post photos in my Instagram more that anywhere else.

3. Pinterest. Second to Instagram, Pinterest is my 2nd Holy Grail Android App. During my free time, I browse random Pins. My favorites are Home-related, DIY & Crafts and #OOTDs.

4. Ovia Fertility. When you are TTC or trying to conceive, Ovia Fertility App is your best friend. This Android App is the full of features. You can track your menstrual cycle, your signs and symptoms and most especially your ovulation. It is very user-friendly. Though the downside is that it's not available offline.

5. 9gag. Last but not the least in my Top 5 Android App list is 9gag. When I feel down, I browse funny memes and photos in 9gag. There are many interesting categories in 9gag too.. From humor to geek to NSFW. haha

There you go. Those are my Top 5 Android Apps. Having my apps make my life easier and yes, fun! How about you? What are your Top 5 Android Apps? Care to Share? :)

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